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Obsidian Example Vault for Dataview Queries

Good day!

This example vault showcases different usages of the Dataview plugin for You'll find everything from more basic syntactical examples to complex javascript supported solutions to help you build your own dataview querys that are tailor-made for your needs and data.

We hope you enjoy!

For the optimal experience, open this vault in Obsidian!

  1. Download the vault here
  2. Open the vault in Obsidian via "Open another vault -> Open folder as vault"
  3. Trust us. :)
  4. When Obsidian opens the settings, hit the switch on "Dataview" to enable the plugin
  5. Done! The example vault is now available to you in its purest and most useful form!

Choose correct vault root

Be sure to choose the folder that directly contains 00 Meta, 10 Example Data etc as a vault. These folders should be the most top folder level when viewing the vault in Obsidian, otherwise queries won't find their data.

Wonder where to start? Good starting points are our Use Case Overview, the Dataview Queries Overview or the Topic Overview. You can, of course, add and edit files to your liking to try things out!

Are you new to dataview? Have a look at Learn the Basics!

Community effort

This vault is a project that lives through the community. Please feel encouraged helping us building it to a useful resource! Find out more under Contribution

Online Version

While I heartly recommend to download the vault, if you only want to browse through it or want to link a query to someone, the vault is deployed as a mkdocs page:

Online Version of the Obsidian Example Vault

To see the results of the queries, you need to download the vault.

Documentation & FAQ

You need more details on how dataview works exactly? Head over to the official documentation.
Also, we collected some more Resources, as well as some Tips, tricks and interesting facts!

You have some sort of question? Refer to the FAQ.


If you found an issue or want to add a query you think could be helpful for others, be very welcome to get involved! You want to help, but don't know what to do? Have a look at the Vault To Do.

Read more about how to contribute under 00 Meta/Vault Infos/Contribution.