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Tips, tricks and interesting facts

Metadata and Case Sensitivity

Metadata fields with capital letters are available in their original and a lowercase form

For example, if you add wentToSleep:: 22:30, you can access this field in your query via wentToSleep or wenttosleep - but not as wenttoSleep etc!

TABLE wentToSleep, wenttosleep, wentTosleep, wenttoSleep, WentToSleep, went-to-sleep
WHERE = "2022-01-05"
TABLE capitalized, Capitalized, CapitalizedMetadata, capitalizedMetadata, capitalizedmetadata
FROM "10 Example Data/dailys"
WHERE = "2022-01-20"

Inspecting available fields

Inspect available fields of your current (or any) file

You can do this either with dv.span(dv.current()) for the current file or dv.span('nameOfPage') for any other file. For better readability, you can also use the developer console for printing it: use console.log("Current Page:", dv.current()) and open the console via SHIFT CTRL I.
Please mind: This only works as a dataviewjs block - or a javascript inline field!

As js inline query to the console (hit SHIFT + CTRL + I)
$= console.log("Current Page:", dv.current())

As span inside the document (add dataviewjs to the block to see a result - the output is lengthy!)