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Showcase basic usage of Calendar Queries

Basic Calendar Queries

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Usage of Calendar Query Type

The Calendar Query Type needs a valid date information as a field in order to display notes. You always need to give this information. If the calendar query encounters a file you've queried that does not have your defined "date source" - or if it's invalid - the Calendar won't render at all.

You need to go to August 2022 or Jan/Feb 2022 to see results

Query from a folder

FROM "10 Example Data/dailys"

Query from a tag

FROM #daily 

Query from a tag/folder combination

FROM "10 Example Data/dailys" OR #journal 

Query for all pages, everywhere

Query for "all"

Unlike other Query Types, Calendar always need the datefield information. The most minimalistic Query for a Calendar looks like CALENDAR <datefield> - but then all of your files need to have a valid date inside this specific field!

CALENDAR file.ctime 


Make sure the date information is available

FROM "10 Example Data/assignments"

Advanced usage

Do you want to see more advanced examples? Head over to the Query Type Overview to see all available CALENDAR queries in the vault!