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What is this about? What is Dataview?

Dataview is a very popular community plugin for It lets you query your data inside your vault and can help you in various, powerful ways. Its potential is almost unlimited due to dataviews support for javascript queries

Who is the maintainer of this vault?

I'm Sam, a regular Obsidian user. You'll sometimes catch me in the dataview thread of the Obsidian Discord. I hope I won't stay the only maintainer for long - this was AB1908 idea in the first place, anyway.

Why does this vault exists?

Discord is not the best place to store information for later access and while there exists an extensive Forum Thread for sharing Dataview queries, it is not super intuitive and user friendly to search in it. The idea is to instead leverage Obsidians immense strength in storing data, making it easily accessible and searchable. As a bonus, we can interconnect what belongs together so it's a breeze for you to find the dataview example you need - and you can try them out, right in place, tweak them to your liking to see what's happening and how things work.

Why is this not part of the Obsidian Hub?

While I'd be delighted to get a reference to this vault inside the hub somewhen, not integrating it right away as multiple reasons:
- This vault contains a vast amount of useless example data and I don't think the Hub is the right place for such data
- To my knowledge, Dataview Queries do not render on publish instances, so you'd need to download the vault anyway
- Dataview shines when you tailor it to your needs. In order to do so, it's most helpful if you can play around data and queries, which is only possible in a local copy of the vault.
- Right now, this vault is only a planned project without much value just yet. It should mature to something valuable before we put it somewhere

I have a cool query. How do I add it?

Nice! Head over to Contribution for an explanation how you can add new queries and how to share contributions.

I'm trying to achieve something with dataview, but it doesnt work!

You can try our tips on trouble shooting queries. If that doesn't work out, hop over to the Obsidian Community and ask for help either in the forum or Discord. The Obsidian Community is a very helpful lot, so go ask them!