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Show all images you have in your daily notes for this week in an image grid

Show all photos of the week in a grid


Additional CSS Snippet required

A CSS Snippet is in place to style this query. You'll find it under .obsidian\snippets\show-photos-of-the-week-as-grid.css as well as below. Read more about how to use CSS Snippets

Usage in a weekly note

When you want to use this query in a weekly note and your weekly note is named like "2022W2", use this as the first line:
const yearAndWeek = dv.current()'-W')
This will retrieve the year and weeknumber information from your file name and you do not need to adjust this manually.

const yearAndWeek = ["2022", "02"]
const pages = dv.pages('"10 Example Data/dailys"').where(p => && == yearAndWeek[0] && == yearAndWeek[1])
dv.container.className += ' imagegrid'

Used CSS Snippet

.imagegrid ul {
  display: flex;
  flex-wrap: wrap;
  flex-direction: row;

.imagegrid ul li {
  display: flex;
  flex-direction: column;

.imagegrid ul li::marker {
  content: "";

/* I wanted to ignore the width on the images and set a fixed one for them.
Remove if you want to preserve the width configured on the image link itself. */
.imagegrid ul li img,
.markdown-rendered img:not([width]) {
  max-width: 200px;


Use as view snippet with a library for a nice layout

What is#^dv-view

Adjustment of script necessary

For demonstration purposes, the variable "yearAndWeek" is hardcoded to ["2022", "2"]. In order to use the script inside your vault, you need to adjust this line as explained inside the script.

await dv.view('00 Meta/dataview_views/imagegrid', { current: dv.current(), dailyNotesSearchQuery: '"10 Example Data/dailys"', metadatafield: 'picoftheday'})