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Enhance your Daily Note

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Dataview can help you great deals if you want to keep track of upcoming or past events or if you want to remind yourself of something. It's usefulness for daily notes shines especially in this regard, but there are other queries that can power-up your daily notes.

Upcoming Events or Tasks

To keep track of upcoming events or things you need to do can be immensely helpful while organizing your day.

To keep the overview about your open tasks, you can Get latest open tasks and List tasks that are due today or a specific day to stay on top of your workflow, or you can fetch tasks from specific other notes by listing all tasks under a certain heading - like "Do tomorrow" and "Weekly to dos".

Not only tasks are track able with dataview, but bullet points are too. Maybe you want to checkout what happened this very day the year before? List bullet points from dailies of a specific date without year helps you here. Do you have bullet points with due dates or just plain date meta data fields? Then Show all list items containing a specific metadata value has you covered.

With Show all birthdays for this month you wont miss any upcoming birthday, neither. List most recent meta data value that contains a certain phrase allows you to find all the data in your vault that are connected to a certain day - or a event on that day.

To ease your navigation, especially when you do not have a daily each day, Get a link to the previous daily (not necessarily yesterday) can be helpful.


There are some other queries that are worth to mention when it comes to daily notes.