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Use Case Overview

Overviews in Online Version

The overview pages are not usable in online view. Please refer to the tagindex.

Our Use Cases are Query Overviews that fit for a certain application case, that serve a specific goal and be quite distinct, small or big depending the topic. They should help you if you, for example, search for ways to make your daily notes more useful but don't have a grasp yet what exactly you are searching.

We hope the Use Cases aid you to find inspiration and helpful queries that make your note taking better, more fun and more efficient.


For Newcomers, we have our Learn the Basics Use Case, that points you to the correct places in the documentation and give you basic syntax examples.

Contributions welcome!

Most Use Cases are not available right now. When you want to help making this vault more useful, please consider contributing one of linked Use Cases below! Find more information about contributing under Contribution and more about Use Cases under Use Cases. Thank you!

Periodic Notes

Dataview can be immensely helpful in giving you insights about upcoming and past events as well as summaries and aggregations of data of a certain time span.


If you have pages for people in your vault, [[Contact Pages]] could be helpful for you.


Do you track, plan and/or manage your projects in Obsidian? Go check out the [[Project Management]]


A vault is a living project, ever changing - and always a bit outdated. The [[About maintaining your vault]] page helps you to keep it in proper shape.