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Create a new Query Note

  • [x] Use this template
  • [ ] Write a short description of the query in the frontmatter
  • [ ] Write the most basic version of the query possible. Keeping it simple and reduce it to the necessary makes it easier for others to understand the important parts of a query
  • [ ] If applicable, add one or multiple variants of the query and explain what they are doing - this could i.e. be an enhancement that makes the result better readable/even more useful
  • [ ] Add appropriate tags to the page
    Hint: Adding queries often? Consider using the Templater Tag Auto Generation
    • [ ] If a DQL query: used query type (LIST, TABLE etc), data commands (FROM, WHERE, FLATTEN etc) and used functions - always with #dv in front, i.e. #dv/list
    • [ ] If a dataviewjs query: #dv/dataviewjs and every dataviewjs or data array function as a #dvjs tag, i.e. #dvjs/current
  • [ ] Add topics to the frontmatter that helps the query at the end of the page to list similar queries. Head over to the Topic Overview to see what's available and be welcome to introduce new topics where appropriate!
  • [ ] Add your name in the contribution callout at the top - or remove the contribution callout, however you like it better! Mind, though: Before contributing queries from others, always ask for their permission.
  • [ ] Delete this callout :)



Description of Variant A - what does it differently? What do we achieve with that?